Tuesday, January 12, 2010

20 favourite twitter togs

20 Twitter photographers

Some of the photographers I have been following since I started my flickr account. Some I have found via twitter. Some very knowledgeable people will to help and share information with other photographers.

1 Don GIannatti http://twitter.com/wizwow

Excellent tweets from a pro showing lighting set ups and behind the scenes.

2 Udi Tirosh http://twitter.com/diyphotography

DIY photography photographic gear on the cheap.

3 Neil Holmes http://twitter.com/freelance97

Hull photographer and blogger, always ready to share knowledge.

4 Kitten http://twitter.com/piratephoto

Alternative fashion photographer and self labelled geek. Some interesting images some NSFW.

5 Trey Ratcliff http://twitter.com/TreyRatcliff

Also know as stuck in customs. Expert in HDR imagery.

6 Lucia Holm http://twitter.com/LuciaHolm

Miss Lulu & The Teaspoon Shortage. Very creative self portraits.

7 David Hobby http://twitter.com/strobist

Learnt so much about flash photography from his website.

8 Ariston Collander http://twitter.com/whoisariston

The inspiration for this blog. Some interesting quotes from his tweets.

9 Jack Hollingsworth http://twitter.com/photojack

Cool tweets on social media and photography.

10 Damien Lovegrove http://twitter.com/damienlovegrove

Runs prophotonut.com good resouce for creative photography.

11 Scott Kelby http://twitter.com/ScottKelby

Editor and publisher, always ready to pass on knowledge to other photographers.

12 digitalps http://twitter.com/digitalps

Website with thriving community forum.

13 Scott Rouse http://twitter.com/TheLightroomLab

Tips and tricks for users of Lightroom

14 John Denton http://twitter.com/JohnDentonPhoto

Local photographer who organises seminars for local photographers.

15 Daniel King http://twitter.com/danielmking

Liverpool photographer who has just made the move to Canon

16 Todd and Chris Owyoung http://twitter.com/toddowyoung http://twitter.com/chrisowyoung

Rock and Roll band photographers. Some truly excellent live show photography

17 Matt Sando http://twitter.com/MattSando

UK Photographer. Finds cool stuff on the net

18 Rita of CoffeeShop http://twitter.com/CoffeeShop_Rita

Photoshop actions and templates. Very useful.

19 David duChemin http://twitter.com/pixelatedimage

Travel photographer and blogger.

20 Alice Beasley http://twitter.com/Alicemash

Followed her photo diary for the last couple of years since getting into flickr. Very talented artist, who’s commissioned work is all over the region.

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Todd said...

Hey Graham, thanks for the nod! Glad to hear you like the work. Cheers.

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