Friday, February 25, 2011

Vintage wedding shoot part 2

This is the second part of the blog for the vintage wedding dress shoot with Linda Davey. 1st part here showing close ups of flowers by Leafy Couture.

I had 1st made contact with Linda through Facebook group for small Yorkshire businesses. She had organised a photo shoot at Ingrow Vintage Carriages Trust Museum. So we went hoping to meet a few people that are involved with the wedding industry. I had not bargained for how much talent you could get in one place. The work that had gone into the shoot was stunning.

I spoke to Rob Booker who was the primary photographer about locations and lighting for the shoot. He had some very clear ideas of how the shoot would happen due to train times. The museum is part of a working line and has operational steam engines. The staff there are fantastic they where very helpful in giving suggestions of locations for the different shots we wanted.

The shots that I got are all natural light shot with a Canon 5d Mark-2 with a 24-70mm-L lens. Due to weather and train time tables we shot at a quick pace to get the shots and not let the models get to cold. All post production is with Adobe Lightroom.

Thanks to:

All the Staff at Ingrow Museum

Linda Davey at Dresses At No. 9

Flowers and Headpieces Leafy Couture and HF Couture

Hair styling by Donna Judson

And Rob Booker for letting me shoot with him Rob Booker

Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-3925Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-3935Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-3947Vintage Wedding Dress ShootVintage Wedding Dress Shoot-3977Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-3980Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-3988Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-3992Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-3999Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-3932Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-4001Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-4006Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-4015Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-4025Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-4028Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-4043Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-4110Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-4074Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-4076Vintage Wedding Dress Shoot-4090

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vintage wedding shoot part 1

This is the 1st of two blogs. Last Sunday I attended a vintage wedding dress photo shoot with Linda Davey of No.9 dresses based in West Yorkshire. It was the 1st time that I had met Linda in person. We had sent several emails and Facebook messages. She seemed very excited about her launch of the new vintage range of wedding dresses.

This 1st blog is to show the work of Sarah Richardson from Leafy Couture. Judging from this selection of bouquets and posies her work is fantastic. She is the florist at a wedding I am covering in a few weeks. I am looking forward to seeing more of her arrangements.
Day 53/365 Editing Flower shots from Sunday

Leafy Couture Flowers 3942Leafy Couture Flowers 4004Leafy Couture Flowers 4012Leafy Couture Flowers 4014Leafy Couture Flowers 4036Leafy Couture Flowers 4037Leafy Couture Flowers 4038Leafy Couture Flowers 4040

Sunday, February 6, 2011

1st Shoot in a recording studio

Sharron Nicholle Recording Studio Shoot-3197

I was asked by the some of the members of the band Hot Minute for some photos for some promotional work for an up coming  charity cd. The band are hoping raise money for a charity that helps children with brain injuries. The shoot took place at Mayfield Studios in Newport, East Yorks.

Sharron Nicholle Recording Studio Shoot-3164Sharron Nicholle Recording Studio Shoot-3177

Sharron Nicholle Recording Studio Shoot-3192Sharron Nicholle Recording Studio Shoot-3208

Sharron Nicholle Recording Studio Shoot-3213Sharron Nicholle Recording Studio Shoot-3217

I have worked with the Sharon and Dave when they performed with the group Hot Minute. I shot them at Hull City all as part of the Love Music Hate Racism concert and also playing live at Princess Quay in Hull. I was able to hear some of their new stuff been recorded and the final mixes and finishing touches been added.

Sharron Nicholle Recording Studio Shoot-3250Sharron Nicholle Recording Studio Shoot-3258Sharron Nicholle Recording Studio Shoot-3264

The shoot was done out side the studio for some images to be used on the cover of the cd. I also managed to get some shots in side the studio was Sharon was recording the final tracks. All shots where taken with a Canon 5d mkII 24-70l lens and Tamron 70-300 zoom. Lighting was done with a 430exII and a reflector umbrella using ETTL and a sync cord. I found that some of the shots I was getting strong shadows on Sharon’s face so changed to on camera flash bounced and diffused on the ceiling. The overall shot I think was a success and hope the band can raise some cash for the charity. 

IMG_2774LMHR Hot Minute-1514LMHR Hot Minute-1499LMHR Hot Minute-1496LMHR Hot Minute-1467LMHR Hot Minute-1420

Friday, February 4, 2011

January 2011 in Photos

First month of the 365 day project year two is now completed. Looking at the gallery all I think I do is eat and work. Photography wise is been a bit of a slow month. I did get to shoot in an actual recording studio and here a few tracks been laid down for a charity disc. There will be a blog to follow.

Testing out a new function I found to embed flickr slideshows. Here is the link.

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