Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Bokeh Wednesday HBW

Bokeh the art of the reduced depth of field. Bokeh on wikipedia.

Took these two shoots on Boulevard and corner of Chomley street. There is a restored Victorian fountain. I drove down there a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the light to be right to return and get some shots. Just processing the HDR shots and will upload tomorrow.

Happy Bokeh Wednesday HBW-9786Happy Bokeh Wednesday HBW-9783

More pics bokeh flickr set

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Halloween Apples

Have been wanting to do a shot like this for some time.

Glowing apple

The shot was set up with a single Canon 430exii. Using a Strobie flash adapter to a foam core board, a used toilet roll was then taped to this. The apple was scoped out and face carved on the surface. The flash was set to full power and trigger with a cactus trigger. Black backround is a gardening weed retainer. I would not use this again because of the texture. Think i would use black foam board.

Final shot is with 430EXii on camera full auto bounced with stofen diffuser. Edited in Lightroom, to bring up details.

Fun with Halloween Apple-9697Fun with Halloween Apple-9693Fun with Halloween Apple-9675

Fun with Halloween Apple-9704

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