Wednesday, September 30, 2009

American Car Show At Fort Paull

This is the second year that I have been to Fort Paull. Nice sunny day that made some of the photos difficult to get due to the high polish some of these cars had. Recognised a few from other shows that I have been to. The guy with the big hair and the rat rod truck I saw later in the day driving near Withernsea. Mmmm small world.

American Car Show-8039

American Car Show-8125American Car Show-8114American Car Show-8112American Car Show-8110American Car Show-8089American Car Show-8059American Car Show-8053

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Show Jumping at Patrington

A friend asked if I could take some picture of her while she was taking part at a show jumping event at Patrington(East Yorkshire). Unfortunately the horse had a flat tyre, or had it throw a show, get the two mixed up. So I stayed for a bit and watch the action. Here are my 5 favourite shoots.

Show Jumping, Patrington-8221

Show Jumping, Patrington-8203

Show Jumping, Patrington-8271

Show Jumping, Patrington-8265

Show Jumping, Patrington-8241

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Friday, September 25, 2009

At another gig

Live music at Queens Pub in Hull. They have an acoustic night every Thursday then once a month Warren Records takes over and they have a packed night of acoustic music.


Queens Acoustic Night 090924-7700Stew Baxter of Warren RecordsQueens Acoustic Night 090924-7697Dan Spooner

Queens Acoustic Night 090924-7708Ysabelle WombwellQueens Acoustic Night 090924-7737

Queens Acoustic Night 090924-7776The Kinky Wizard

Queens Acoustic Night 090924-7787Nick

Queens Acoustic Night 090924-7795Jody McKennaQueens Acoustic Night 090924-7823Counting Coins

Queens Acoustic Night 090924-7829Counting Coins

Queens Acoustic Night 090924-7834Counting Coins

Queens Acoustic Night 090924-7852Counting Coins

Queens Acoustic Night 090924-7880Novocaine

Queens Acoustic Night 090924-7886Novocaine

Queens Acoustic Night 090924-7887NovocaineQueens Acoustic Night 090924-7937Novocaine And Counting Coins last song of the night.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Spurn Point

Had ride out to Spurn Point on the East Coast of Yorkshire. Have been playing with twitter for the last week, one of the photographers i have as a follower was going there so I thought i might go myself.

Spurn Point-7552

Its quite a suprise what objects and rubble you can find there. Most of the buildings are from the Second World War and where part of the beach defences.

Spurn Point-5

Spurn Point-7600

Looking over to the Humber Estuary and bird conservation area.

Spurn Point-8

The long road back home……

Spurn Point-10

West Park Hull-7540

West Park Hull-7540
Originally uploaded by Graham Warsap

Spent the day looking around Hull for place for a model photoshoot. Think West Park is looking favorite at the moment. Need to be there before Hull Fair

Friday, September 18, 2009

Freedom In Hull- Red Arrows-6894

Freedom In Hull- Red Arrows-6894
Originally uploaded by Graham Warsap

Flying at 400mph a few feet from each other. Is got to be the Red Arrows.

Taken at Hull Marina as part of the Freedom festival

Monday, September 14, 2009

Freedom In Hull- Abbie Lammas-5867-2

Freedom In Hull- Abbie Lammas-5867-2
Originally uploaded by Graham Warsap

Local lass Abbie Lammas played at the Freedom in Hull festival. I have been wanting to see her for a couple of months after hearing her music on myspace.

Check her out you wont be disappointed.

Freedom In Hull- The paddingtons-5477

Freedom In Hull- The paddingtons-5477
Originally uploaded by Graham Warsap

The Paddingtons from Hull. Local lads make a welcome return. More shoots of other bands to follow

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the sesh 080909-5198

the sesh 080909-5198
Originally uploaded by Graham Warsap

Another try at been a rock star photographer. Went to the Sesh at Linnet and Lark in Hull. Watch the 1st three bands and missed the paper planes. Managed to see The dropheads, The weekend millionaires and Steer. Was a good night. Cheated abit to get some back stage shots. Just need the access all areas pass now.

The Sesh and the bands can be found on Myspace

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