Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jade and Joe portrait shoot

Jade and Joe are now on their way to university. They wanted to get some photos before they went to separate universities. First location was Mappleton beach on the East Yorkshire coast. Nice location but very windy, at one point the sea got a little to near. We then moved to a small wood near Burton Constable Hall. A slightly lighter backdrop may have been better to contrast Jades red hair.

Joe And Jade-1041

Joe And Jade-1025

Joe And Jade-1023

Joe And Jade-0997

Joe And Jade-0981 

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hayley Young: Makeup artist

Had the opportunity to work with Hayley Young from HaleySFX. She is also on

Hayley had asked me to do a photo shoot in St Stephens shopping centre she was promoting her special effects makeup business. The shoot included before and after shoots of the models and a location shoot that show cased her talents. The shoot was over two days with two different models. Isabella on day 1 and Jess on day 2.

The 1st day we worked with Isabella, Hayley wanted a High fashion and editorial look to the shots. She wanted to get 3 looks in 3 different locations. Some of the fashion shots where to be taken in St Stephens shopping centre. The centre was open to the public which gave the challenge of crowd control during the shoot.

Hayley Young SFX-makeup Day1- Isabella-9028

Hayley Young SFX-makeup Day1- Isabella-8981

Hayley Young SFX-makeup Day1- Isabella-9263

Hayley Young SFX-makeup Day1- Isabella-9150

Hayley Young SFX-makeup Day1- Isabella-9013

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