Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Emily Baby Photoshoot

I had been booked to take some photographs of a 4 week old baby girl called Emily. Turned in to a family shoot and booking for a wedding. How cool is that. These are my two favorite shots of the day. Both with natural light and both using my 50mm 1.8f prime lens to reduce background clutter.
Emily Closeup

Emily Closeup Foot

Jade 25 weeks pregnant

Set up a studio in my living room to get Jades 25 week maternity shot. Used pvc conduit piping for background holder. Used a vivitar hv285 in silver umbrella camera right and a jessops own brand in white umbrella camera left. Triggered from camera by Canon EX430II flash bounced on ceiling on auto. Have been using cactus triggers and saw this technique by a pro shooter who shoots with one large flash and a shoe mounted flash. Exposures where better than I have been getting.
Jade Portrait setup

Jade Portrait colour

Jade Portrait BW

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