Sunday, June 19, 2011

Film Noir Shoot At Sugarmill Night Club

Attended a group shoot with Hull photographers and models Facebook group.  We took over Sugarmill night club for the afternoon. All models and photographers shoot for free. An entrance was charged and the money was given to cancer research. £131.80 in total was raised.

Before the shoot I had discussed with Shaz (the model below) shooting a film noir set. She was very enthusiastic and keen to offer suggestions for the shoot.

I had read on the Strobist Blogspot on using hard light for a Film Noir Effect.

A single 430exII was used. I used a cable to trigger the flash, i used this because there was other photographers working around me using similar triggers. Cable is old school but it works.

I used a Rouge flash bender as a snoot. The a reflective umbrella partially opened to give a more concentrated directional light.

Thanks to Lou Watson and Abbie Towse for organising the shoot, Sugarmill for the venue and all the models, makeup artists and fellow photographers for their help and support of a worth while charity.

Film Noir-0607Film Noir-0612Film Noir-0616Film Noir-0621Film Noir-0650Film Noir-0660Film Noir-0675Film Noir-0698Film Noir-0704Film Noir-0716

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