Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year in photos.

Garden Bokeh 3

January started off cold found, very little to photograph and spent most of the time inside try to take still life's.

Flamborough Feb 09-8Flamborough Feb 09-7

February warmed up slightly and took a trip up to Flamborough and took some shoots of the lighthouse.



March. Start of some nice weather and a trip to Hovingham and a moto trial. Featured rider is Emma Bristow.

Day 305/365 Baby F

April. Did a family shoot with a 4 week old baby boy. Had to lay on the floor near a French window to get this shot. Glad I did its one of my favourites of the year.


May. Very 1st gig shoot. Band featured is The Cliques. Who later reformed as The Acrobats.

 Ings road skate park-8651 Day 365/365 Self portrait.

June. Trip to the local skate park. Also completed my year of Project 365.

2009 waddington air show -0263

July. Waddington Airshow. Red Arrows. “the very best of British” What more can you say. I stood there grinning like a big kid.


August. My cousins wedding. Could be  the title of a film. Had brilliant day. So did the bride and groom.

Freedom In Hull- Chipmunk-6270

September. Managed to get a my 1st press pass. Photographed the the Freedom concert in Hull. Even managed to get on stage and take photos of Rap artist Chipmunk in front of a crowd of about 20,000 people. Not a bad day for a happy snapper.


October. Went to my parents house and took some shoots of the garden and dahlias.

Jade Portrait setup Jade Portrait colour

November. Set up shot for a portrait of my eldest daughter. Recording her every 4 weeks of her pregnancy. “Dad you not gonna take a pic of my feet are you”. “No Jade”. Whoops I lied.


December. An other family shoot in two parts. Shot daughter and the dogs in the morning, then came back in the evening to get the full family.

Its been a fun year for photography, just hoping that 2010 is gonna be as good.

Happy New Year


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Love Music Hate Racism Concert Hull City Hall

Managed to get a photographers pass for the love music hate racism gig. 1st half of the show was free entry and feature local bands and singers. The warren, a local youth centre had been the driving force behind the concert. The concert feature many up and coming local band, singers and musicians. All of which gave absolutely excellent performances.

For more information about the organisers please click here:

Warren Records

Love Music, Hate Racism

LMHR Kano-2456

LMHR The Chapman Family-2259

LMHR The Chapman Family-2280

LMHR The Trojan Sound System-2349

LMHR Kano-2551

LMHR Tinie Tempah-2421
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Emily Baby Photoshoot

I had been booked to take some photographs of a 4 week old baby girl called Emily. Turned in to a family shoot and booking for a wedding. How cool is that. These are my two favorite shots of the day. Both with natural light and both using my 50mm 1.8f prime lens to reduce background clutter.
Emily Closeup

Emily Closeup Foot

Jade 25 weeks pregnant

Set up a studio in my living room to get Jades 25 week maternity shot. Used pvc conduit piping for background holder. Used a vivitar hv285 in silver umbrella camera right and a jessops own brand in white umbrella camera left. Triggered from camera by Canon EX430II flash bounced on ceiling on auto. Have been using cactus triggers and saw this technique by a pro shooter who shoots with one large flash and a shoe mounted flash. Exposures where better than I have been getting.
Jade Portrait setup

Jade Portrait colour

Jade Portrait BW

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eboracum Moto Trial November 2009

Eboracum Motor Cycle trials club. Held the sixth round of the open trials championships at Moor Farm, Little Ouseburn. Results can be found here. Weather was very changeable, started with light drizzle and then bright sun. The damp weather made for some of the sections to be difficult to negotiate due to lack of traction on the slippery rocks.

More images can be found at flickr




Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Bokeh Wednesday HBW

Bokeh the art of the reduced depth of field. Bokeh on wikipedia.

Took these two shoots on Boulevard and corner of Chomley street. There is a restored Victorian fountain. I drove down there a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the light to be right to return and get some shots. Just processing the HDR shots and will upload tomorrow.

Happy Bokeh Wednesday HBW-9786Happy Bokeh Wednesday HBW-9783

More pics bokeh flickr set

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Halloween Apples

Have been wanting to do a shot like this for some time.

Glowing apple

The shot was set up with a single Canon 430exii. Using a Strobie flash adapter to a foam core board, a used toilet roll was then taped to this. The apple was scoped out and face carved on the surface. The flash was set to full power and trigger with a cactus trigger. Black backround is a gardening weed retainer. I would not use this again because of the texture. Think i would use black foam board.

Final shot is with 430EXii on camera full auto bounced with stofen diffuser. Edited in Lightroom, to bring up details.

Fun with Halloween Apple-9697Fun with Halloween Apple-9693Fun with Halloween Apple-9675

Fun with Halloween Apple-9704

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Millionaires Promo Shoot

Had the pleasure to do a band promo shoot this weekend. They are a local 3 piece band called Weekend Millionaires. The band is made of Daniel White on drums, Dan Beasty on bass guitar, and Lee Green on lead vocals and guitar. This is the first time I have worked with them on a one-to-one basis. I have taken shoots of them playing live (flickr sets), they have used some of these on their MySpace page. They are currently working on and recording new material.

The name of the band comes from a northern phrase coined by miners and trawler men who would work hard all week and then spend their wages at the weekend and live like millionaires.

The band are playing to gigs this coming week. Details can be found at MySpace.

Weekend Millionaires Promo-9565Weekend Millionaires Promo-9535Weekend Millionaires Promo-9537Weekend Millionaires Promo-9609

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wedding planning

Quick trip to Sheffield to meet a couple to discuss the photography at the forthcoming wedding. These are shoots from Sheffield art gallery. Did not get any shoots of the venue had another wedding in progress.




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