Sunday, October 31, 2010


Straws, originally uploaded by Graham Warsap.

Been busy with work so not had time to take any new photos so just going through some of my old favourites on flickr. Taken in The Ship pub in Keyingham.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Prince Street Hull

HDR shot of Princess Street one of the most photographed streets in Hull. Part of Hull's town with sight of Holy Trinity Church.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Keyingham Railway Tracks

Keyingham Ski Pond HDR-3, originally uploaded by Graham Warsap.

Taken February 2009. With Canon EOS 450d. Taken on the old Hull to Withernsea railway line.
HDR shot with 3 exposures +/- one stop and processed with photomatix.

Hull Fair Big Wheel

Hull Fair Big Wheel 4, originally uploaded by Graham Warsap.

Another post from 2 years ago. Hull fair has just been and gone. A sure sign that winter is just round the corner. Roll on spring.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Abandoned Landrover

Abandoned Landrover HDR1, originally uploaded by Graham Warsap.

One of my favourite HDR shots. Taken nearly 2 years ago. I have been to the pond where this Landrover is a few weeks ago and its still there. Wonder if it will ever be restored.

Ings road skate park

Ings road skate park-8634, originally uploaded by Graham Warsap.

Spent most of today watching the rain. Very little to tale photos of so looking at some shots I did last year.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cirque de Soleil makeup shoot

I have recently been working with the makeup artist Harley Young. She had asked me to take some photos at a dance studio of two models who she wanted to makeup in a Cirque de Soleil-esq style. She wanted two themes fire and water.

One of the dancers had not shown up so a last minute replacement was found. Thanks to Lizzy was stepping in at last minute. And thanks to Sam for some excellent work on the pole.

The lighting was a simple setup. Silver umbrella camera left with Jessops 360 strobe on 1/8 power. And 430exii set to ettl with sync cord on a white shoot thru umbrella.

Thanks to Hayley and the girls. And thanks to Jill at Dance Dynamic studio for the use of her studio.













Monday, October 18, 2010

Laura and Adam engagement shoot

Had my first shoot with Laura and Adam. They had asked me to take some photos of them on the grounds of a local stately home where they are having their wedding reception next year. Some of the photos are to be used for their invites for the wedding. Adam is the game keeper for the Hall and wanted to feature the statue of a stag.

I had fun doing the shoot. Had a few problems trying to get the composition correct. I had to shoot and picture how it would look on an invite. They are very happy couple and great to work with. Looking forward to their wedding next year.

Laura And Adam Engagement Shoot-1586

Laura And Adam Engagement Shoot-1583

Laura And Adam Engagement Shoot-1577

Laura And Adam Engagement Shoot-1560

Laura And Adam Engagement Shoot-1538

Laura And Adam Engagement Shoot-1500

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lexy and Mike's wedding at Walkington

Shot the wedding of Lexy and Mike a few weeks ago. The wedding service was carried out at Walkington church and reception at The Millhouse at Skidby.

It was quite a challenging day, 5 brides maids and 20 males in Kilts. Fun trying to co-ordinate them all. The weather helped with glorious sunshine.

One of the big surprises of the day was the car to take Lexy to the church, one of Mike brothers had organised a vintage open topped car. I could have spent hours just taking photos of the car.

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9845

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9858

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9860

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9868

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9890

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9942

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0011

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0362

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0112

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0252

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0292

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0321

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0322

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