Monday, September 21, 2009

Spurn Point

Had ride out to Spurn Point on the East Coast of Yorkshire. Have been playing with twitter for the last week, one of the photographers i have as a follower was going there so I thought i might go myself.

Spurn Point-7552

Its quite a suprise what objects and rubble you can find there. Most of the buildings are from the Second World War and where part of the beach defences.

Spurn Point-5

Spurn Point-7600

Looking over to the Humber Estuary and bird conservation area.

Spurn Point-8

The long road back home……

Spurn Point-10

West Park Hull-7540

West Park Hull-7540
Originally uploaded by Graham Warsap

Spent the day looking around Hull for place for a model photoshoot. Think West Park is looking favorite at the moment. Need to be there before Hull Fair

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