Monday, December 6, 2010

Keyingham a village under snow.

My car has been stuck on the drive the last couple of days due to the snow. Luckily it was on the drive and not under the car port. This is now in pieces on my drive. I think the the foot of snow that fell overnight had not helped. Every one of the steel beams had bent under the weight. As it fell it has pulled off several pieces of guttering, this has lead to the formation of large icicles over our front door.
So I decided to have a wander around my village of Keyingham to see how the snow had changed things. It was nice to see people pulling as a community and clearing snow from each others drives and paths.

Keyingham under snow-0802Keyingham under snow-0816Keyingham under snow-0819Keyingham under snow-0810Keyingham under snow-0814Keyingham under snow-0822Keyingham under snow-0823Keyingham under snow-0825Keyingham under snow-0829Keyingham under snow-0834Keyingham under snow-0836Keyingham under snow-0839Keyingham under snow-0843Keyingham under snow-0847Keyingham under snow-0859Keyingham under snow-0856Keyingham under snow-0842Keyingham under snow-0860Keyingham under snow-0863

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