Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Bokeh Wednesday HBW

Bokeh the art of the reduced depth of field. Bokeh on wikipedia.

Took these two shoots on Boulevard and corner of Chomley street. There is a restored Victorian fountain. I drove down there a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the light to be right to return and get some shots. Just processing the HDR shots and will upload tomorrow.

Happy Bokeh Wednesday HBW-9786Happy Bokeh Wednesday HBW-9783

More pics bokeh flickr set

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Halloween Apples

Have been wanting to do a shot like this for some time.

Glowing apple

The shot was set up with a single Canon 430exii. Using a Strobie flash adapter to a foam core board, a used toilet roll was then taped to this. The apple was scoped out and face carved on the surface. The flash was set to full power and trigger with a cactus trigger. Black backround is a gardening weed retainer. I would not use this again because of the texture. Think i would use black foam board.

Final shot is with 430EXii on camera full auto bounced with stofen diffuser. Edited in Lightroom, to bring up details.

Fun with Halloween Apple-9697Fun with Halloween Apple-9693Fun with Halloween Apple-9675

Fun with Halloween Apple-9704

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Millionaires Promo Shoot

Had the pleasure to do a band promo shoot this weekend. They are a local 3 piece band called Weekend Millionaires. The band is made of Daniel White on drums, Dan Beasty on bass guitar, and Lee Green on lead vocals and guitar. This is the first time I have worked with them on a one-to-one basis. I have taken shoots of them playing live (flickr sets), they have used some of these on their MySpace page. They are currently working on and recording new material.

The name of the band comes from a northern phrase coined by miners and trawler men who would work hard all week and then spend their wages at the weekend and live like millionaires.

The band are playing to gigs this coming week. Details can be found at MySpace.

Weekend Millionaires Promo-9565Weekend Millionaires Promo-9535Weekend Millionaires Promo-9537Weekend Millionaires Promo-9609

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wedding planning

Quick trip to Sheffield to meet a couple to discuss the photography at the forthcoming wedding. These are shoots from Sheffield art gallery. Did not get any shoots of the venue had another wedding in progress.




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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Looking for photo shoot locations

Had a trip around Hull a few weeks ago to look for photo shoot locations. Have not had time to edit and upload the shots until today. The first shoot is for a local band for who need some promo shots doing. Just hope the weather is better than the last few days. Rain, wind and cold. Autumn is defiantly here.





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Friday, October 16, 2009

All the fun of the Fair

Autumn is here leaves on the ground, cold damp mornings, fog. But it also brings Hull Fair, Europe's largest travelling funfair. For more information on each pictures exposure,ISO etc please click and link to Flickr.

Hull Fair-9342Hull Fair-9291Hull Fair-9281Hull Fair-9252Hull Fair-9265Hull Fair-9314Hull Fair-9256Hull Fair-9397Hull Fair-9389Hull Fair-9246Hull Fair-9240Hull Fair-9391

Hull Fair-9393Hull Fair-9352Hull Fair-HDR

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Garden Flowers

One of the few gardens with some colour. every other garden is dying off and but this one had some very vibrant coloured dahlias.

Processed in photoshop, vintage action then used coffeeshop rounded action. Watermark added.


dahlias-6Processed with Orton Action


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