Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vintage Fashion shoot.

Shot another model from The very lovely Cherrie. It was nice to work with a model who is versatile and has a creative vision.

1st location was a quite  railway station. The aim was to have a vintage theme from the 1950's. All hair, make-up and styling was done by Cherrie. As we got to the location, a shower of rain had just started. This allowed a little more time to explore the vintage theme. Cherrie came up with plenty of creative ideas to try out. The difficulty I found with this location was trying to keep in a vintage theme without including modern signs and lamp posts. Post production of the images is with lightroom and some of the fashion presets. I want to give an old faded photo look to the images.

We moved onto Skidby. The vintage theme was continued here. We broke for coffee at Skidby Millhouse. Cherrie managed to change on the fly in the rest rooms here, with the help of my glamourous assistant/wife. After one wardrobe malfunction, that is a corset been put on upside down. We where ready to shoot again.

The whole day was so much fun. Cherrie was both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the vintage style photography. She followed direction very well and was incredibly easy to work with. Looking forward to our next shoot.

Cherrie Model Shoot-8813

Cherrie Model Shoot-8613

Cherrie Model Shoot-8531

Cherrie Model Shoot-8499

Cherrie Model Shoot-8490

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Monday, August 9, 2010

More Larkin Toads.

Had a fashion shoot with a new model. Had a little spare time so shot three of the Phillip Larkin toads. All 3 are around the Avenues area of hull.

Larkin Toads in Hull-8194

Larkin Toads in Hull-3

Larkin Toads in Hull-8215

Larkin Toads in Hull-8227

Larkin Toads in Hull-8236

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gabriela photo shoot

Had a location shoot with Gabriela from Started with the weather been kind, sunny and slightly over cast. This helped with the shoots in the park. It had rained heavily the night before but the ground was surprisingly dry, no paddling through mud in high heels for Gabriela.

We moved to a dead end street that had worn out double yellow lines that I did not notice at the time. The walls in the street are covered in artistic graffiti. I had got most of the shots, when I noticed a traffic warden with note pad. We quickly moved off before we got a ticket.

The last location was an disused bridge that has been left in the up position. Cool, grungey location. Last few shoots where a bust. Wind picked up and Gabriela had problems with her hair. The following are 5 shots from my Flickr album.

Gabriela Photoshoot MM#1694250 -8407

Gabriela Photoshoot MM#1694250 -8394

Gabriela Photoshoot MM#1694250 -8367

Gabriela Photoshoot MM#1694250 -8287

Gabriela Photoshoot MM#1694250 -8258

Gabriela Photoshoot MM#1694250 -8459

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