Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Larkin toads of Hull.

Hull is now over run with giant toads. They are to celebrate the life and works of local poet and librarian Philip Larkin. Managed to photograph a few around Hull marina. There are 40 around the city. Will be busy getting the rest.

Larkin Toads in Hull-7286

Larkin Toads in Hull-7374

Larkin Toads in Hull-7368

Larkin Toads in Hull-7356

Larkin Toads in Hull-7353

Larkin Toads in Hull-7348


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clipper Ships return to Hull

I had the pleasure of obtaining a press pass to shoot front and back stage of the round the world clipper sailing race which returned to Hull after 10 months and 35000 miles at sea. Congratulations to the Hull and Number for their 4th place and their win on the final leg.

Clipper Race 2010-6205

Clipper Race 2010-6522

Clipper Race 2010-6621

Clipper Race 2010-6845

Clipper Race 2010-6992

Clipper Race 2010-6154

Clipper Race 2010-6188

Clipper Race 2010-6236

Clipper Race 2010-6300

Clipper Race 2010-6957

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Shearing Sheep

I had the opportunity to do a location shoot in the North Yorkshire Moors. Not an easy shoot. It was on a working farm, and tried not to get in the way but also need to get the shots. Lighting was difficult due to the fact I could not use a flash. The low light spec of the canon 5d mkii really did help. The rest of the shoots can be seen on Flickr.






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