Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, Old thinking

In 2010 I set myself 10 things that I wanted to achieve in 2010. I feel that I only had a limited success with these. Two things in the last year have had a huge personal impact on my the birth of my granddaughter and the death of my mother. It has been one of the best and worst years I have known.
But with the new year here the past is the past and the future is the untraveled road. So here is my road map for 2011.

1 take more time for my family. Need a family holiday for all 6 of us this year. Get more photos of the kids they seem to be growing up at an alarming rate.

2 lose some weight and get fit. No more take ways and eating crappy food. Have loads of cook books that never get used. So knock the dust off them and get cooking.

3 Build up the wedding side of my business, this part of the photography I have had the greatest buzz over the last year. Also want to do more portrait shoots but need a studio.

4 Still not climbed Scar Fell Pike yet.

5 Want to get on the open water and get a sailing lesson.

6 Cover all of the British Ladies and girls trails championships. Want to be there when my friends daughter gets her podium place. Good luck Simone for '11

7 Redo website. And keep it up to date.

8 do more courses. Either a business course or a degree. Still not made my mind up which.

9 become more active in the gig scene within Hull. Have built some good contacts and some very talented from Hull. I want to become part of the process of the becoming discovered.

10 use my time more productively.

11 again last on the list but the most important. BE HAPPY!!

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