Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lexy and Mike's wedding at Walkington

Shot the wedding of Lexy and Mike a few weeks ago. The wedding service was carried out at Walkington church and reception at The Millhouse at Skidby.

It was quite a challenging day, 5 brides maids and 20 males in Kilts. Fun trying to co-ordinate them all. The weather helped with glorious sunshine.

One of the big surprises of the day was the car to take Lexy to the church, one of Mike brothers had organised a vintage open topped car. I could have spent hours just taking photos of the car.

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9845

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9858

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9860

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9868

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9890

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-9942

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0011

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0362

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0112

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0252

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0292

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0321

Lexy And Mikes Wedding-0322

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